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...concentrated on The Doctor.         "I assure you," Tuvok was saying to McCoy,"He will be fine, he just needs rest."         "You a Doctor, hmmm boy?" asked McCoy, gazing irritably up at Tuvok, then he answered for him,"No, but I am, so let me do my job!"         "Doctor, is there a problem?" Kirk asked, coming up behind Slater, who jumped slightly.  Everybody in the room was watching them now, there was no way they could move away without arousing suspicion.         "The Oltarian Delegate's sick," said McCoy,"This muscle-bound idiot won't let me treat him."         Tuvok found the reference to himself as muscle-bound to be curious, obviously his image (as portrayed by Trelane) was some form of bodyguard to an Oltarian Ambassador, he wondered if Slater was also a bodyguard, or just an aide.         "He'll be fine, Doctor," said Kirk,"I'll escort them back to their quarters myself."         "But Captain..." started McCoy.         "That won't be necess...." started Tuvok.         Kirk held up his hands, cutting them both off,"It'll be fine, Bones, and Mr. Tuvok, I insist."         If Sulu or Slater's surprise at Kirk's use of Tuvok's name showed, the Captain made no sign.  Tuvok's own face remained blank.         McCoy wondered off, grumbling, most of The...
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