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...en and Phoenix rolled their eyes. The doorbell rang and Phoenix went to see who it was. Beast Boy flung at her. Phina-poo! Help me! Hes after my blood! Sweetums! Ya gotta help me!Yuck! Gross! Get off of me! Ill be after your blood, too! And Im not your Sweetums! Now I gotta answer that door and Ravens getting a headache. She opened the door.A witch stood next to a vampire. I'm Hanukkah and thats my cuz, Black Blood. I was wondering if I could join the Teen Titans.Join? Kids, I dont know the meaning! Unless youre willing to past, like, the hardest test ever. Geez, why doesnt Robin make us do the Hokey-Pokey or somethin?I hope not. Raven muttered.Hanukkah wouldnt give up. Please!Phoenix rolled her eyes. Fine. Plug your ears, kid! ROOO-BIIIIIIIINNN! The whole tower shook.What? Robin came in, rubbing his ears.This kid is willing to take the Test.Fine. Follow me. Uh, can you tell me your-Robin! Ya gotta help me! Aaah! Hes after my blood! I- whoa. Hot Mama! Beast Boy eyed Hanukkah and she smacked him, disgusted.Im Black Blood, but I dont want to be a Teen Triton or whatever. My cousin Hanukkah does, but I dont.Okay, Hanukkah. You have to battle all of us in order to win. One at a time or all together: your choice.Um, all together.Titans! Follow us to the gym.Cyborg shook his head in pity, Beast Boy looked at her like she was an idiot, and Phoenix turned to her, Girl, you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Especially with my older ...
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