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... nodded. Thats probably right, but if so, what of Nightwing? And wheres Star?Cyborg shrugged. Maybe well find out later. So, whos up to going home? Our *real* home, he added.~*~The breeze pushed Nightwings shoulder length hair back out of his face as he sat on top of Titans Tower staring out to sea. He hadnt been here since Star had disappeared through the portal twenty years ago, preferring to keep himself busy with his nightly vigil of the town. The youthful fiery leader of his previous alias Robin had disappeared with the amiable Tamaran girl, replaced by the solitude-seeking fighter of now, aptly named Nightwing. With no friends to relax alongside, all spare emotions and energy had gone into fighting crime, and with a cruel twist of fate he realised ironically he had become exactly like he was when he was fighting Slade. Only then, he had Starfire to pull him out of his shell and show him that friends were more important that personal revenge. It just went to show how dependant they all were on her she held them together. Without her, they were nothing.~*~Cyborg yawned as he and Beast Boy played their fifth video game of the night. He noticed he was falling behind and quickly b...
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