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... saw one of his friends Star. She was sitting on a bench looking at the lake.Hey Star. Kwan waved as he sat next to her on the bench. She sighed and looked at him.Hey Kwan. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks tear stained.Where you crying? Kwan asked her with true concern.How could I not? The world is about to end! I dont want to die! I have my whole life ahead of me! I just bought this cute shirt, but I guess I wont get to wear it since Ill be dead. Star started to cry again, silent sparkling tears escaped her eyes.Star dont cry. Its hard for all of us, but we can be brave. You can be brave, right? I know you can. Kwan wiped the tears from her eyes. Star looked up at him, her eyes glowing happily. She smiled and blushed a little.I guess I could be brave. I justthere is so much that I want to do. Now thats never going to happen. Her smile started to fade and tears came to her eyes again. Before he knew what was happening, Kwan could feel Stars hands wrap around him and her crying onto his shoulder. He just hugged her back and let her cry. It seemed like they were there in that position for hours, the tears soaking through his jacket and shirt. Though, he didnt mind at all. Finally, the tears became si...

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