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...ne another, the grinding increased in pace and pressure, turning the bulge in the underwear into a moistened mound, wet with remaining shower water and Goo's love. As the briefs became translucent, Goo looked down to view what would soon be part of her. She smiled; Mac was well endowed for such a small frame. Her first love would be her best. As she kept her face locked with Mac's, she let a hand roam down his completely flat stomach, and let it maneuver into the small opening where the bulge of his manhood forced brief and waist to separate. Grasping onto the boys piece, she tugged gently, feeling it throb as it rubbed against her own slick love gate. Suddenly, Mac pushed himself up, and stared intently at the girl splayed out soaked and nude before him. Holding onto the elastic of his underwear, he tugged down with no resistance. Positioning himself over Goo, the head of his rod touching the cusp of her womanhood, but not fully inside, he hovered his face inches away from hers. "Goo?" "Mac?" Their faces were filled with indecision now, but trepidation gave way to desire. With the slightest of motions, Mac slipped into Goo, allowing gravity to slowly connect their waists. For a long while they stared at each other in the same way as a moment before, not sure where to go,...

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