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...ng for reviewing my story:xXWindxFireXxYuki HatashiSnowPrincessberryHoMe SlIcE-windxXxfireAnd MyselfYou all ROCK!!! : )Anyway heres the third chappie,ENJOY!!! =]Kimiko was thinking hard on what to choose. But then got her choice and said," I pick Truth."'Darn` it, she didn't choose Dare! Now my plan is sure to fail. Darn` it!', Clay thought to himself." Aw, is Kimiko such a baby she's afraid to choose Dare." , Raimundo said in a mocking tone." For your information Raimundo I am NOT a wimp and you know what else, I am going to choose Dare. Clay can I change my option?" , Kimiko asked." Um...sure why not." , Clay said. 'Hooie! I am gettin` mighty lucky today!" , thought Clay." Alright then, what do I have to do to show Raimundo I have the guts to do anything?" , Kimiko asked.'So you think you have the guts to do anythin`. Well I reckon you gunna need the guts to be able to do this.', " Kimiko I dare you to kiss Rai!" , Clay said.Dun Dun DUN!!!!!! XD CLIFFIE!!!!! What will happen after? Will Kimiko be able to do the dare? How will Raimundo react? When will I stop rambling? I don't know!!!!!XDSorry it's short but I had forgotten to save the other part of the chapter. And since I forget very easily I don't remember what I wrote...
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