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...misdeed. I never wanted to fib to you, but I had no choice. Im so sorryJenny, upset by his lie, didnt know what to say. She thought to herself, Kyo, I may hate being lied to, and I may hate dishonesty. But I know you tried to atone for your sins, and I know you were lonely. She smiled, and put her hand on his shoulder. She said, Kyo, I love you too much to not forgive you. I know youre sorry. Dont cry anymore.Kyo looked up at her, his tears stopping. Thank you. Thank you so much, my love. But as for now, I have to leave. I dont plan on visiting the human world anymore. I dont care if you come with me or not. Its your decision. Stay with a freak, or stay with society.Jenny was confused. She knew that if she went with Kyo, she may never see her mother or friends again. But if she stayed with society, she may be feared even more than she was beforeand she would never see her boyfriend again.Kyo she thought for several minutes, then stated firmly, Im coming with you. Goodbye, everyone.The two walked together side by side, and headed out the gym doors, into the starry night. Ms. Wakeman stepped forward.Jenny, wait!Jenny looked behind herself, at her mother. Im sorry, momKyo needs my help, and I cant just leave him all alone. Imsorry Tears formed in her eyes, and she sniffed. But Jenny quickly looked away and continued walki...

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