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...treets.Nice try Robocop, Owen jumped back and slashed Cyborgs chest.Argh! Cyborg doubled over, groaning.Well, I though youd be needin my elp butguess not. Devlin jumped down from the building, in his transparent form.Actually, you could be of service. Owen threw his sword to the side, it disintegrated into nothing, like dust in the wind. He nodded to Cyborg, You know what to do.Ah, righ, Devlin grinned. Ey, robot, ave you ever been possessed before?Cyborg looked up, No, he spat, Not exactly.Well youre in for a surprise mate, Devlin jumped right at Cyborg, who brought up his arms in defense. Devlin disappeared into Cyborg, not coming out the other side. Cyborg was silent for a minute, then straightened up,Whats it like Dev? Owen wiped his nose, blood still streaming out of it.Interestin. It was Cyborgs voice, but it definitely wasnt Cyborg.Owen gave Devlin (inside Cyborg) a thumbs up, Come on, lets go find the others. Devlin nodded and they both ran down the street.*****Zephyr kneeled beside Taile, firing starbolts one after the other. Are you okay?Taile nodded, Just a bad headache. She pulled herself up, using the wall. Whats wrong with Sam?Zephyr did not turn his gaze from Raven and Beast Boy, Shes going to change soon. He s...
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