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......WOOHP... My final revenge. My final plan. He stared at Sam.My dear Samantha... you didn't really think I cared about your interests more than mine, did you? You don't think I would choose your wants and your desires over my own? Of course not. Why would I even think of doing that? Everything I've ever done, has it been for the good of others, or for the good of me? Me, of course. He smirked. It's always about me. What I want, what I need. What I desire, what I crave... And what I crave...He stared at the weapon in his hand.Is to get revenge on WOOHP... By killing one of their own. Her mind was in overload. She didn't know what to think anymore. Should she cry for Sam? Should she be angry at the one who did this to her?Tears, no anger.No, sorrow.No, glares.No, no, no, no, no, no, no...Wait, was that a good idea?No... should she cry?No... she should find him.No... maybe...No, no! That wouldn't work.Wait, maybe it would...No it wouldn't.Yes, wait no.Wait, she didn't know!What was she supposed to do!Yes, no, maybe!WAIT!It was all too confusing! Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!WAIT! NO! What if she thought of a way of save Sam--But wasn't she beyond saving?Yes!No!PICK SOMETHING!She clutched at her head, threatening to pull her hair straight from the roots.How--Wait--It's her fault.She should save her!But what if it's too...

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