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...he dreams she'd been having recently but hoped they would tell her whatever they were keeping from her but somebody was watching her from a distance.It was Knut's son Vito.Now that the Winx girls along with Roxy had returned magic to Earth which the Wizards of the Black Ring had stolen, it was important that humans didn't see him but he was meant to help Mira and make her want to return to Magix but those thoughts scared the teenage ogre as he watched the young human enter but saw one of the Wizards of the Black Ring and sighed worriedly.He then used his magic to disguise his true form so humans wouldn't know what he truly was.Mira was curious as somebody had used magic to entice her"H-How can you do that?But why hurt me?What did I do to you?" she asked surprised as the Wizard of the Black Ring laughed at her."I see you don't know about your true lineage Your Highness." he said as a strange feeling overtook the girl as fiery red Winx emitted from her hand hitting the Wizard oif the Black Ring and knocking him out but was in her Winx form.The young girl was stunned by her appearance especially at her wings."Is this really me?Is this what my grand parents were hiding?" she thought as she felt his ...

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