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...emaining Weasleys: Ron, Fred, George and Arthur. They stared at her, somewhat fearful, and she glared at them. "Anything you have to say, leave it until later." Turning to Madam Pomfrey, she said "Tell me. Stop wasting time." Pomfrey swallowed audibly, shifting in her chair. "Of course. Uh ... it seems that Harry has also been poisoned. The poison is a complex potion, that melts the lungs of the victim over a space of five days. There is an antidote to the poison, but it is extremely complicated to brew. We need Severus right now ... he is the only one who can brew the antidote." At the end, she was wringing her hands, shooting somewhat fearful looks at Tonks. The Metamorphmagus turned to Dumbledore. "What are you waiting for? Call Snape now!" Dumbledore looked down, seeming a bit defeated. "Unfortunately," he said softly, "Severus has not been in contact with me for the past two days. He has not been in the castle, and I have no way of finding him." Tonks stared at him in shock, falling into her chair with a loud noise. Most of the Order looked solemn, waiting to hear what would happen. The silence was broken by the most unlikely person. "Snape is dead," said Lestrange, "You-Know-Who killed him." "What?!" shouted Dumbledore, on his feet immediately. ...
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