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...ilding he thought was empty, he pulled of his boxers (or whatever he wears under his tunic [no body-sock, stockings as a kid]) and started wanking, but then he realized that he wasn't alone. He stopped dead in his tracks, "Sorry! I can explain! Really! Please let me explain! I have an explination! _And it's a good explination too!_ Why won't you let me explain?!" Link was just biding his time, he really had no idea what to say. But when the girl didn't say anything he walked over, [she's asleep, I'm saved! Gosh it must be hard to sleep sitting up, and with some dickhead screaming like this.]       He stood on the table and poked her a few times. He noticed his little brother was really close to her head, he thought about face-fucking her [yeah suck it bitch! Ha-ha-ha-ha!] Ever since he had heard how Zelda had done his sleeping body (part 6) Link had developed a slight case of necrophilia, or at least he wanted to try an unconscious woman. [Of course sucking would either choke her or wake her up.] Link pushed her back and looked at her as she layed against the back of her chair. She had dark blue hair and a pink & purple tiedie shirt wich wasn't long enough so her belly showed. Link pulled it up and looked at her chest; he'd seen bigger, and he'd seen smaller. [I can't believe I'm just looking at her like th...

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