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...ime and reset. Anyway, with his new Goron abilities he could lift huge explosive kegs, so he headed off to 'Milk Road' to see why Romani always had that dead look when he visited on the third day. Imagine his surprise when he saw her running around. "Oh hello, who are you? I'm Romani... I was given the same name as the ranch. You're wearing green clothes, and you patter about when you walk, so the name Romani gives to you is: Grasshopper. Romani was practicing... For tonight... Tonight... They are coming... They come at night... Every year when the carnival approaches... They come riding in a bright, shining ball. A whole lot of them come down. And then... They come to the barn... My older sister won't believe me... But Romani must protect the cows! Hey, Grasshopper, I'm recruiting for an assistant right now! You're a boy, won't you try?" [She sure talks a lot, and has a very active imagination, but at least she's got her priorities straight.] "Sure, why not sounds like fun." [You don't suppose the cow-snatchers actually exist, do you?] he thought to himself, [Why else would she be so spacey when I come here on the third day?] Romani smiled, "Great! Now that's the spirit, Grasshopper!" she explained the details and put Link thr...

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